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What does this dream mean?

So in my dream I saw this guy I know full figured at the place where I met him, and I heard God saying to me from behind him "You need to stop liking him and you need to stop liking him right away, otherwise you will be punished. Those who mess with him mess with me."

The thing I wasn't messing with him... wasn't hurting him. Would never stalk him or hurt him.

I was thinking the punishment could be that I miss out on another guy that I am interested in dating?

I had a similar dream warning me to stay away from someone I cared very much for
taking the dream's advice ended up being the greatest blessing
but it took over a year for the reason to be shown

had I not taking the dream seriously I would have been dragging into a pit of sorrow and depression pregnancy out of wedlock and the pain of a dead in the family

I ended up calling the dream dodged a bullet. It was hard no to go with my feeling but I am glad I took God's warning seriously

Doesn't sound to me like something the Lord would say.

Perhaps one of Satan's counterfeits which he often imposes in the lives of us all.

That dream means you're a closet homosexual who wants buttsecks.

It's just a dream.

It means that you were asleep - not a thing more.

God wants you to leave him alone, period.

lust is sin

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