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What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that me and my friend were sitting in a car, I was eating Mac and cheese that had melted plastic over the top, and I was picking it off while we laughed about it. Then I laid my head on his chest because I was tired, he started rubbing my face with his hands, and then I felt him hesitant to kiss me, and then he eventually did, and I opened my eyes to see if it was him that was kissing me, and it was. Then before I could react I woke up.

Some info, we're both guys, I've always suspected he might be at least bi. I guess you could say I'm bi as well but never had feelings for a guy before until I met him. Now we have a very strong and open friendship, but the sexuality thing has always been an elephant in the room.

What could my dream mean?

It means you should use a napkin to wipe your face instead of using your friend's chest. No wonder he was grabbing your face and wiping his french fry greasy fingers on you.

Means you want to have more than a friendship relationship with him.
You want it to become intimate.
What do you think he will feel about this dream?

Dreams are your unconscious desires, it means you are in love with him, and want to be more than friends .

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