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What does this dream mean?

There are little parts I cannot remember. But I remember I was at some place like a restaurant or something with my mom and my brother...And as I approached our car to go home I saw my mom is the front seat murdered, and my brother was in the back scared to death. I forget what happened next but I was in my neighborhood and I was walking around the block and I saw inside of someones house and there was a married couple with a 2 year old son. As I watched, I saw them kill somebody in front of there son and I knew that they were the ones that killed my mom...then I remember that I became a cop and I was calling backup to arrest them. Then at the end of the dream I only remember getting the son away from the parents and taking him a couple houses down away from the scene. There were gun shots fired back and forth and both of his parents were killed. He was going baserk and crying and I remember just comforting him and feeling so bad.

It means that on July 12, 2012, a group ninjas disguised as elderly bakers will make an assassination attempt on your life, which will only be narrowly averted by R2-D2 from Star Wars.

just because you dream something it isnt going to happen
maybe you watched a scary movie before going to bed
this IS NOT a warning of any kind!
IF... this dream tends to continue call a doctor of some sort to talk about it
chances are it wont but try not to tihnk about it

Did you eat too much pizza before you went to bed? Because I always have dreams like this when I eat pizza before bed.

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