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What does this dream mean?

When I was younger I had this recurring progressive dream at the end of the school year. i would be climbing some great mountain and everytime I'd make it a little further.
first time i get to eh foothills and a rock slide kills me, then i get further and its an avalanche, then I'm so high its the wind blowing me off the mountain. then I'm going down the other side and the path is narrower. I slip and fall on my own. Last time I follow the narrow pass and there's a bridge over a rushing river/waterfall. Then the river/fall floods and takes out the bridge with me halfway through.
What does this dream mean?... and why does answer's automatic category chooser always pick education word play for my dream questions?

My cousin actually studied dream interpretation (who knew there are schools where you can take this) and whenever I asked him about a dream, he would respond that the same dream doesn't mean the same thing for everybody. What you have to do is write down the specific images and events and decide how they are significant to you. He recommended keeping a journal of what you were going through in real life and the emotions you were feeling at that certain time and also keeping a record of your dreams. You usually can find patterns. For instance, perhaps you stress over your accomplishments or are an over-achiever. When those emotions are particularly in high gear, then you may have the dream of the mountain (i.e., failing to reach a goal when it is so close to you). He always said that what you have to do is take the time to find out what the dream represents to you. Recurring dreams may reflect an ongoing struggle with some aspect of your life. Discover what that is and then work on the issue. Good luck. I have use to have recurring dreams about a tummy ache and then next thing I know, rats are eating their way out of my stomach. GROSS, right? From doing what my cousin suggested, I realized that I had a lot of guilt built up inside of me, eating me up. Once I worked on those issues, the dreams subsided.

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