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What does this dream means?

I always dream of 2 dreams before i get sick(usually fever).. What does it mean to dream that i'm in a small room with a single staircase being filled with water.. Note: i can't swim.
And the other is.. I really don't know how to describe it.. But it fells like being in front of a black and white tv and i'm really close to the tv that i can't even see the boarderline.. But there's really nothing on the sceen.. It's like when there's no signal.. And there's this wave going up ward and it feels like water.. I'm sorry i really don't know how to describe the second one.

Also.. The first one is almost always in sepia(brownish) color while the second is in black and whit color..

Does anyone knows what it meant? I already searched it over the net but how can i know what it meant for room with a single staircase being filled with water mean.. They only say a single thing like a staicase.. What does the whole dream meant?

Another note, might be irrelevant, i almost always wakes up at exactly 4am after these drams and i already got a fever by the time i wake up..

The key to these dreams is the fever. When you get a fever, your subconscious mind wakes you up with these dreams, as a way of alerting you that you need to take care of yourself.

The staircase in the first dream is a metaphor for your rising temperature. It is a surrealistic image, as if you are inside a thermometer, with the water being the mercury and the steps representing the temperature rising "step by step."

(It does not look like a literal thermometer because it is a symbol. For example, the Bald Eagle does not look like the U.S.A., but it symbolized the nation's freedom and fierce power.)

The second dream is an image of electronic static with a sine wave. Again, it is a metaphor that says "something is wrong." In this metaphor, the broken TV is your brain/nervous system that cannot function properly with a fever.

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