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What does this dream possibly mean?

I had this dream over a year ago and I still can't get it out of my head. I find it really weird but I just want to see what other people think it means.

In the dream I was at my moms boyfriends(Now ex.) apartment, I was alone I think and it was all dim like the lights were on but very very faintly. I felt weird in the dream so I looked down at my stomach and lifted my shirt... I looked really, really thin like I shed off maybe 40lbs, like you could see my ribs/hipbones so much it was disgusting. And I had these weird black-ish lumps all over my stomach that started just moving around so I let go of my shirt. Then I looked at my left arm which had a metal... plate? Covering it almost... Like uhm a metal glove almost(But it wasn't a glove, I don't know how to describe it.) going to my elbow but the glove was like half and only covered the top of my arm, not the bottom and it hand no fingers just like... almost like rings holding it onto my hand and my fingers were swelled up so I started trying to pull the thing off but it wouldn't come off easily so I just kept yanking and yanking on it and it eventually came off and where it was covering looked all rotting and you could see the bone in some places. I started hearing some weird sound so I started walking around the apartment to find the source of the noise and I found my mom sitting on a chair but it like... Wasn't my mom? Like something taking her form or possessing her maybe. And she/it whispered something like "Come here, child." so I walked up to her/it and kinda crouched down and she/it like grabbed my head and whispered something else but I don't really recall, maybe something like "It's okay." Then I woke up.

If I had a dream like that, I would conclude that I feel that I have problems ( as symbolized by lost weight, blackish lumps - but in waking life these could represent non-physcial problems, as in emotional or something else "in your head").

The metal glove-like thing is almost borg-like. I would be worried (if I had your dream) that I may be starting to feel or act like a machine rather than human being. But I would feel good about getting the thing off - I would think that means rejecting that machine-like existance. But the rotting and seeing bone - more problems, again. Being on my left arm, I would wonder if the problem is with left-brained thinking (which is where we analyze, think logically). But some people have interpreted the left side of the body, because it is actually connected to the right side of the brain, as being related to creativity and artistic abilities, because the right side of the brain is where that kind of thing happens. In any event, a whole person needs both sides.

Mom sitting in the chair is another problem. I would take that as possibly an indication that Mom has a problem, she is being possessed by something in her life (which is to say, obsessed, or taken over, by an idea or issue, or maybe an attitude or behaviour). But that isn't the only possible interpretation of mom in a dream - it is probably more likely to mean (or it may also mean) that what mom has given the dreamer (i.e. how mom has raised the dreamer) has a problem. That is, the dreamer has the problem, and it is related to mom. Both those interpretations of mom in the dream might be true, at the same time - it doesn't have to be one or the other.

It sure would have been nice to know exactly what she said - it would likely be a good clue. If it was "its okay", then it is a positive ending message to the dream, saying that despite all these problems, you are resilient and will be ok. I think, especially if you take care of that left-right balance, and find some way to nourish yourself (emotionally or spiritually - that might be what the thin, frail skin and bone start to your dream is about).

Good luck - hope that helps.
Ok, so maybe not such a positive ending. But that is not something to be really worried about - dreams exaggerate to get a point across, and this one is saying something isn't right. You can turn it around by taking charge of negative things in your waking life, and you would get a positive dream that reflects that.

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