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What does this scary dream mean?

dream-a white lifted f150 truck truck parked out front of the house a few people were attaching my suburban with a crowbar and soneone

one drove threw the fence in the backyard ..someone came up to the door and started to put a crow bow in and trying to get through

...dad popped out of one of the rooms-then i woke up

this dream scared me so much i posted a question and didn't go back to sleep

does anyone know what it means i looked up being robbed and it said i got something stolen from me job/item which is not true it was more like a break in but it had not gotten to the point of being robbed yet

and the damage to my truck i can't find that out--vandalism only gives graffiti? and they used crowbars

-plz tell me what the hell this means so i can rest easy

Dreams mean nothing, but if you really want to believe your dreams are your self trying trying to tell your self via a sub conscious route telling you in a cryptic fashion a message the your conscious self would already know, then go ahead.

White is always good in a dream. You have some inner fear of being stolen from. That's all the dream meant.

im guessing
that something was stolen (could be anything- a crush, material object)
this damaged you in some way
and ummm... advice from your dad or fatherly figure

could be something that has happend or will happen

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