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What does this strange dream mean?

I am a manager at my job, and in my dream I was talking with another manager Liz. We were told to come up with a meeting idea so we were discussing workplace safety. We decided to think up defensive moves people could do while sitting at their desk.

Liz came up with a dance move called the "Paper Shredder" where you would suddenly stand up and scratch your fingernails across the person in a Z pattern while your body dances back down into your chair.

I came up with a move called the "Letter Opener" which I said stood for "Let-her-open-her" and you would stab the person in the belly and rip her open.

Then, a robber came and everyone was doing the scratching dance moves but I went over and stabbed him right in the stomach and killed him. Everyone started screaming and hated me.

your over-confident, you'll scare people off.

Okay strange dream
is say it just means that your usualy a confident person but something seems hard for you to do at the moment

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