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What does this weird dream I had mean?

I was sitting on a rock at a beach. It was morning time. Sea Gulls were screeching and tourists were meandering about here and there. Suddenly, the rock I was on transformed into the head of a giant. It plunged upwards out of the sand and threw me into the water. People started screaming but I didn't have time to as I was sucked into the water.

The ocean currents were strong and dragged me down swiftly. Instantly, a group of mermen in full suits of Greek-like armor came and grabbed me. The dragged me through the water and tossed me out of their ocean as if they were disgusted with me. I was sailing through the sky and thought It'd go on forever and ever when a swarm of Sea Gulls came and plucked me up with their claws.

They took me through the air and dropped me on a forested island. Before I could catch my breath, the ground exploded around me and the trees turned into Ents like that movie The Lord of the Rings. They picked me up and tossed me off their island. I flew speedily through the air and landed on a mountain. The mountain shuddered as if in fear and split in half dropping me neatly down in the middle.

It was dark only for a minute and I wasn't left alone very long. All too soon, I felt an underwater river pick up my trail. It whisked me away and dumped me off it onto a pile of sand. The sand churned and moved. It flowed like water and carried me to a room of stone filled with gold, silver, and jewels.

Then it fled out of the room and the hole it passed through sealed up. Nothing happened and I nearly jumped for joy. However, it seemed as if nature wasn't through with me for seconds later the treasure in the cave began dumping itself on top of me. I was smothered and getting strangled. As if to make sure it had done a proper job, the stone cave around began breaking up and falling on top of me. Just when I thought I was going to die; I woke up!

Now what in blue blazes does that mean if it means anything? Thanks a ton in advance!

You have conflicts with your priorities and you try to juggle them all at the same time but you're spreading yourself too thin. You're struggling with your love life, work life, and social life. And you feel like "caving in" and burning out.

However, not all dreams mean something. Dreams are reflections of what's going on in our lives and we REM sleep so our brain can process what we've learned for the day and store it properly in our memories.

Well i'm no psychologist, but in the start of the dream, you kept being pushed away by your surroundings, which kinda indicateds that you don't feel comfortable in the environments you are in right now, as if you feel pushed away by people or something.

then in the room with the jewels, you were excited about being a room full of treasure, which then crashed down on you. This could mean that what you value most is not as steadfast as you thought
(for instances, money. If you only lived to make money, you base your life on it and it's all you live for. But you could easily lose all your money then you'll have nothing. It works the same with friends and stuff, if you lean on friends that then leave you, it's harder to get over it because you have nothing else.

So I think maybe you could consider your current situation, are you happy, do you feel totally accepted where you are and who you are with? And do you rely on something that might not always be there? Ask yourself these questions and if you get 'yes' then think about what you could do to change them.

Otherwise, it could just be that you were dreaming about things that you've been watching (like you said the trees from lord of the rings were there) so you could just be dreaming about something you've seen or heard.

hope this helps :)

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