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What does werewolves in my dream mean?

In my dream, it was like I was watching a movie & I'm not in it but instead a "viewer" The setting felt like a basement. There was a guy that were handcuffed on both hands and feet- he was d werewolf & was about to transform but everyone was calm like everything was okay & he was lying on his tummy at the top of a kind of large plastic square container.

There was another guy that felt like a teenager & a girl in her pre-teens/ not even & it felt like they knew the werewolf person like they were friends or family/ close acquaintance & the atmosphere was relaxed & they were kind of just there talking to him/ keeping the guy company & it felt like it was the most ordinary of occasions that they were there. Occasionally, the were-guy would ask the 2 other peeps to take one of his hand out of the handcuff to open the plastic container he was lying on top of to get a kind of spray ointment & it felt that d object was something necessary to take out. This happened a few times, getting one of d handcuffs off & taking the ointment in and out & on one of the time that his hand was free, the transformation began suddenly & there was no time to get the cuff back in. He told the two kids to lock themselves in (i knew that he meant in their rooms) & not go anywhere the whole day & shouted run. The next thing I saw was that the kids were gone in the basement & the were guy was at his feet behind a shadow & his eyes were luminscent & his were-snout was visible.

After that the were guy was somehow in the living room running up the stairs & he was right at the two kids' heels ( the teen age guy was running first b4 d little girl) & it felt like the girl was right at the were guy's reach but nothing happens. It felt like he could swipe the girl but nothing happens- just running after them (but the kids were screaming & really running)
&& it didn't really show in my dream but it felt like they were gonna be okay because there was the knowledge that the "viewer' knew/ that I knew there rooms had heavy steel/iron/metal doors almost like bank door volts but was much thinner but was still strong & pretty sold even though the house felt like your ordinary house.

So the kids got to the room somehow & the were wolf was going around d second floor looking for people & he went to the bathroom & looked at the tub cause there were towels that were stacked in it & there was a black thing that looked like a head full of hair in the middle so it felt like there was a person that was not moving but a person nonetheless & I suddenly got nervous cause it felt like he was gonna go for the kill if it was a person but upon closer inspection, it wasn't so he went out of there.

His next destination in the second floor was a side balcony & he was on his two feet (still in his were wolf form) & arms were @ d railing. He was looking around at people & it felt like he was deciding who to hunt. He saw a woman in a red winter coat & another woman in pink winter coat with a girl w/ her right beside the house for some reason but they were faced in another direction like & they were gonna cross the street- the red woman crossed to her left & the pink woman & little girl to the right. There was also a man on the other side of the road that just got out of his car that was parked at the side of his house that was facing the balcony where the were guy was looking on & i woke up from there.

I am asking this question because it's the first time I dreamed about werewolves. The were wolf did not look like Twilight were wolf where it looks like an ordinary wolf but a legit were wolf- half man & half wolf & you could really see that in his physique- he was leaner & his body was changed- a little grotesque even. He did not have a full on pelt/ coat but he had much more hair in his body than a human but you could still see through it & see the grotesque muscle changes that happened- that kind of were wolf. Can someone help? the dream didn't really scare me & it looked more like a movie that I was watching. There was no imagery of a full moon or anything & it happened during the day.

oh wow. i have dreams like these too. most of the time my dreams are complete randomness but sometimes its either me in the middle of the night under a full moon in the woods. and other times its me turning into a werewolf. in fact this one time i had this dream i turned into one right in front of my friend, and i turned into a one to protect my little sis(i can see y). its weird though cause im not really into that stuff. but it beats me this started like a couple weeks ago. sorry

There is no true answer to why we dream, so the answer would have to be at a supernatural or spiritualistic point of view. What we do know is that having dreams is when we are in a state of mind in which our subconscious takes over. It may be related to dogs, or other such things that you daydreamed about or thought about recently. A werewolf is not the most common symbol in most dreams. In fact, it may not even have a meaning. Overall, it sounds like you have your own little research project to be doing! (:

well back in the day "i guess" were wolves were attracted to red. just like little red riding hood. how he stalked her over and over again then he killed her and her grandmother. but to be up right about this its about ur beliefs. do u believe in these things if so i could give u my opinion which is that you will see a were wolve. or will become one. but nobody will ever know bc its against ur law or rules to tell or show.
haha i sound crazy but yaa hope that gave just a lil bit of a laugh or brain twist.

Just imagine a gun with a silver bullet and you will be safe ;)

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