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What dose this dream mean?

i was in school and walking down the steps to the door (even though we don't have any steps to the door in my school) at the bottom of the steps there were some boys in my year and i got the feeling they have or they were planing to do something bad. Then the woman i admire came out of the door that was on the other side of the steps and told the boys to come in even though she isn't a teacher but she dose voluntary work with youths at this club. The boys went in and then she looked at me and said you to. then i went in and i think me and the boys got in trouble for something but then they found out i was innocent. so i went back to class. what dose this dream mean?

School in dreams is generally a trick of the unconscious mind to trigger the dreamer's response in the real world towards social matters which worries and concerns them.
Climbing a staircase denotes the desire or need to reach a goal or to improve one's current condition.
Doors divide rooms, keep them separated or allow passage from one another. The presence of a door either emphasizes such contrast or highlights the need for a change. Just like any other gate or entrance, a door may represent the female genital organs. Thus, opening it and walking in may symbolize penetration or sexual intercourse.
Your dream might represent the encouragement of a preeminent figure in your life to show your inner skills because they believe you have the resources to achieve what you set in your sights and they also tell you that to do so you have to cross the threshold towards something new and to live this passage consciously and although this was not your idea you feel a part of responsibility.

It probably means that before you were scared of getting in trouble. Or, you watched a movie about something like that or read a book. It might be your body or brain trying to tell you something, or it could just be your head playing tricks on you. idk

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