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What dream means?

as many as you can give me a dream situatuion and what is that dream mean in real life.


There are many theories as to what dreams are although no one can prove their theories, this subject will always be up for debate.
There are five basic human senses that normal people have. Those being sight, sound, taste, scent and touch. These senses are like probes sending information back to the brain. During times when we are awake these senses work picking up all sorts of information some new and some that has been picked up before. In order for our senses to continue to work in this manner we put up blocks inside our minds to sort out unimportant information that we do not need at the time. Although we can not stop the information we are able to for the most part not dwell upon it. Through a very small percentage of our brains we can call up information to help us function normally and still be able to do problem solving if we should need to.
During our sleep time our senses slow down as there is not much information to gather up which allows our brains to speed up to process all of the information our senses picked up. At this time our brains working percentage is very high and the blocks we put up are no longer there. All the information we gathered are now speeding through our minds sorting them and placing them in our minds filing system. The small percentage of brain that controls the senses catches glimpses of this information and tries to analyze it by placing them together like a puzzle. When things do not add up to make sense to us we then search for information to fill in any empty spaces in these thoughts. We also visualize this information using thought images which are what we call dreams. We are able to do this by using the information that our sight sense had picked up.
In our dreams we seem to defy normal laws of nature. Where as we can sometimes float or fly. Animals sometimes talk. In short while we are dreaming anything the human mind can imagine can happen in our dreams.
Our emotions play a key role setting our moods and the direction our dreams will go. If we are upset or scared this will dictate our dreams to react in a negative way and if we are happy or excited then they will react in a positive way.
To understand dreams we must understand how the mind pieces them together. It is a large percentage of new information and a small percentage of old information. Our short term memory we have plays the larger percentage role and is the key element in which our dreams are based on. Our long term memory are fillers to make what we see blend together.
When we wake up sometimes we can recall a dream but this is mainly based on our emotional state of mind. Many say they do not dream often and that isn't possible. What has happened was their emotions were basically neutral during sleep that their dreams won't be recalled. The more emotional we are when we slept and when we had become awake, the more detail we remember which will also dictate how long we can maintain it's memory. In some cases the dream can be so dramatic that we allow the dream itself to become a memory which can be bad and trick our minds into thinking this event really took place. We tend to dwell on the dream or try and figure it's meaning out which will do more harm than good. We can see the effects of holding unto these false memories through people experiencing deja vu, which is a minor effect but can also be seen in more harmful effects such as dilutions, paranoia, schizophrenia.
The plain and simple truth is our dreams are our thoughts and images we encounter and nothing more. Putting too much stock in predicting the future or having hidden mental abilities through our dreams can cause you more harm than good. Best to let them fade away.

A dream is the experience of envisioned images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep. It occurs in humans, most mammals, and some birds. The events of dreams are often impossible or unlikely to occur in physical reality, and are usually outside the control of the dreamer. The exception is lucid dreaming, in which dreamers realize that they are dreaming, and are sometimes capable of changing their oneiric reality and controlling various aspects of the dream, in which the suspension of disbelief is often broken. Dreamers may experience strong emotions while dreaming. Frightening or upsetting dreams are referred to as nightmares. (:

Dreams are your imagination while you are sleeping. You can dream and it can come true but some people don't believe that dreams come true. Sometimes there are bad and good dreams. Dreams will serve as your inspiration and you can learn a lesson, a golden lesson or rule. Dreams will serve as your inspiration!

I dreamed that I died of heart failure. I was revived 10 minutes later by an American Indian man, whom informed me to stop smoking before my heart is so damaged I can not come back.

I think this dream was to tell me to stop smoking.

If you dream a person dying, in reality, he will have long life.

1,2 freddys coming for you; 3,4 shut your door; 5,6 grab your crucifix; 7,8 better stay up late; 9,10 you'll never sleep again; 11,12 what the hell; evil old freddy has gone to hell!

pooping your pants

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