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What exactly does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago and it was really weird. Actually, just about all of my dreams are weird but this one was really weird. It was a dream about my high school becoming a high school/partial college/mall. I just graduated from high school and I am going off to college in about a month and a half. The partial college in my dream was for kids who didn't wanted to start off their first year of college there and there were no dorms because it was sort of like high school but a college lifestyle and schedule. Quite a few of my friends were in the dream too and the first class I was in was my Honors French 4 class. Then I moved into Spanish 1. Then I went to this carousel apparently and I saw a couple of my now sophomore friends and the person I like was one of them and he was talking to me while we rode the carousel. After the ride was over, he got up and I noticed that he had his toenails painted orange. This is pretty much what happened in my dream.
The next day, we had a family gathering and my cousin ended up painting one of my fingernails and it was red in color. Before the gathering, I told my mother about part of the dream and she thinks that the additions to something mean that you are going to really enjoy your life coming. However, the way I think is that I might really have a hard time letting go of the past because of the college in high school and this person I like who is still in high school appearing in my dream. What do you think?

First of all:
You dream that your high school became a high school/college/mall means that you are juggling current responsibilities, future responsibilities, and keeping up with the latest trends (being a teenager). Since you are going there, it reflects that you don't want to start off your first year at college. You may be nervous, tensed, etc.

Your friends were in your dreams because you wanted them there to be with you and have the same reasons as you for not going to an actual college. Not everyone's going to the same college, keep in mind that.

And then you do your responsibilities (the classes) and then move on to have fun (carousel). While there, you see the person you liked and noticed he had orange toenails. Orange represents hope, friendliness, basically outgoing qualities. You see him as an outgoing and kind person.

That's my interpretation of the dream.

dude dnt worry about it for one, its just a dream its not real ok, and next drams are based off things you think of like i play games alot and one time i dreamed about me being in gta (grand theft auto) it was funny if any1 want to hera it send me your email address at ma5t3r.chi3f and ask to hear about it but ya dude its probably about you thinking about school next year or something. if your that worried about it though id contact your local doctor and ask and see what they think but ya i wouldn't worry about it man. im just going to say this, your dreams don't decide for you you make your own decisions like if your dream is like you slacking in school don't believe it, ok you can be a a honor student in real life and go and have a successful life. see were im going with this. well man hope this helps.

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