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What the hell this dream means ? Has an interpretation in tarot?

I dreamt that... I am almost dead of lung pierced by bull horn through back, no blood oozing and the moment I move a little, I stop breathing...so, people around me have started preparations of funeral. I am trying to tell them by eye movements that I am alive ... they look the other way.

You are not able to convey some thing very important to your family members. They are not listening you. You are not able to get their approval. Some visual or media news about bull race or its effects on public might have resulted in your dream. Such disturbing dreams do appear. Do not give much importance and create disturbance to your peace of mind.

It's just a dream. It might quite possibly mean nothing at all. You mostly dream things that you remember, like you might dream yourself going through what a character in a recent movie that you saw went through.

You will be facing some troubles in your life. None of your friends /relatives will come to your rescue.o better be careful what you do / where you go and how you go.

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