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What would this dream mean?

Okay, so a long time ago, I know it's weird that I'm just remembering it now, I had this dream about a guy that was supposed to be a demon. But he didn't want to go back to Hell so he asked me to help change him. He wouldn't stop killing people so I couldn't change him. When he was being dragged to Hell, he cursed me and told me that I was going to pay for leaving him the way he was and that good things would never happen to me.

What could this mean? It wasn't a prophetic dream, obviously, but I'm curious. Help please?

Dreams are about emotions and the images you see are "puppets" that you mind use to embody your emotions. The only way to know for sure is to know what what was happening in your life at the time and what you were feeling, or what feelings you tried to suppress. When you dream something that you want to figure out why, you need to start by writing down the emotions you have felt the strongest during the last couple of days, the same day and just before you fell asleep. Then you need to compare them to the emotions you have in your dream and look for the connection.

Not knowing anything about your emotions and what you were going through at the time I can only guess.

1) The guy seems to be a destructive element in you life that you felt helpless for. Something that you wanted to fix but couldn't.
2) Him accusing you was your own guilt speaking. You felt guilty for not being able to fix "it" and you worried that it would affect your future somehow.

A destructive element can be many different things and only you will know what was bothering you back then. That the dream still lingers on a "long time after" is probably because it was about something that affected you deeply in your real life.

If it is a prophetic dream then you need to not ask us but pray and ask God He will tell you if it is. but it makes me think you have dabbled in them occult and you need to repent because if a demon did contact you then you are in trouble and you need Jesus because He is the only way to get free and since you are asking about prophetic dreams it appears you have some knowledge of these things.

repent and ask God to reveal where you allowed a demon in.

sin or dabbling in the occult
have you done any of these things?

is it harry potter books or movies?
tarot card readings
fortune telling
reading tea leaves
ouija board
horror movies
twilight movies
calling psychics on phone or online or in person
consulting a medium
palm reading
casting spells

im kinda turn between the two because im a a religous person who beleives in god and demons coming to you in your dreams but i also study pschology...and everything i read a bout the brain suggest that all your dreams are is your brain preocesing your day nd i belive this...if you want to test it make a dream diary write how your day went nd when you have dream that night write it down in your book then compare
ex: after five months i was home for the first time nd in my dream i was shooping in this store next to my home ...nd when i thought about this ever since i was young i associated this store with home and home with this store...
so it mad sence i came home nd i was thinking about all my memories of home and such and that night i happened to dream of that store
you get it

Ok maybe it was a real demon sending u a message, so maybe u should look for the goodness in people and change their evil ways

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