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Whats the meaning of this dream?

I dreamt it few times already but only 1. time i dreamt it was like this.Other time there was no other people and doors were closed.
It was like this.I appeared in one dark room.Half of the walls were cowered with wooden tiles and the other half was coloured in light yellowish brown colour.There was one big window with wooden bench under it,one chair in the corner and one small round table with gramophone on it.There were 3 small lamps coming out of the walls but light was bad.It was snowing outside and it was foggy too.The doors of the room were open.But what surprised me most was a fact that there was no sound even though gramophone was playing.That mood and everything...it was scary and i was only 8.I walked out of the room and went into one long hall full of doors on bout sides.Lamps were between doors and they were giving one creepy feeling.All of the doors were locked except of the one at the end of the hall.They were ajar ed.Than i got scared and ran back in the first room.I sat on the bench and stared through window while crying.I was such a coward than.Suddenly gramophone record started to skip.Something was behind me and than it spoke with creepy voice:"do you want to be saved?" and pulled me behind.I woke up violently and my vision was kinda messed up and my back were hurting.

If you are having dreams like this you must be either religious or at least a believer in "God and Devil" ideals. I would imagine this dream is a manifestation of your own insecurities and fears combined with your working knowledge of religion. Another thing to consider is that your back was hurting. Pain and discomfort can cause you to have dreams like this. I would imagine the dream was caused from your back pain, not the other way around. Blurry vision is normal when you wake up suddenly.

Well, we all have to make choices don't we. There are a lot of doors to choose from. Some are open and some are closed. Some of the open doors are ones that we shouldn't go through but we go through anyway. This is a dream about becoming the person God made you to be and choosing the right doors to do that. Going through the wrong doors and down the wrong path will end with you meeting the body behind that creepy voice.

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