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Whats this weird dream mean?

I had this weird dream I rented an evil apartment the mattress and floor looked like blood on it, I threw those out and got a new carpet that didn't fit. It was cut wrong.

There were plates, cups and clothes left from the renters before. The plates and cups were cleaned with the dishwasher so I figured I don't have to buy more plates and cups.

I dreamt I had lived there before but left for an unknown reason.

The apartment turned me and a roommate (I don't have) into physically abusive people that ended up in the hospital with huge bruises and a scapel in a face.

In the end two girls and a guy got into the car, they were dressed with short zip up mini skirts and the guy got into the car that started to tick down, it blew up and the guys head was decapitated, and the girls had their ripped open with their ribs showing with no head or arms to be found. Then I woke up.

What does this mean? I am married with 4 kids living in a big house. The dream doesn't match with me.

It means you've been watching too many scary movies or you ate too much before you went to bed.
It might be your subconscious showing you a bunch of irrational fears. It's probably a way for your mind to let out a little steam, since as a mom you need to be in control all (or most) of the time. If I were you I wouldn't worry a bout it, unless it became constant and interfered with your sleep.

That is the COOLEST dream I have ever heard anyone tell me about. I loved it. It would make a REALLY good movie.

Umm... To answer your question... I have no idea. If anything, I'd say it was just a scene you made up in your head. Maybe you've seen something like that in a recent movie or something?

I have no idea.

AWESOME dream!

Try next time not to fall asleep while watching scary movies

Perhaps you have been watching too many scary DVD's.

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