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When you dream of a crocodile wrapped in a tissue what does it mean? can anyone help me please?

i'm planning of moving out from my parent's house and then I dreamt that we moved out of our old house and brought w/ us crocodiles (don't know where it came from) wrapped in tissue paper and it's crawling freely inside my bedroom, any insights please? thanks in advance!

well, dreaming of crocodiles usually means unrealized power and versitility. Crcodile wrapped in toliet paper may mean your potential is restrained only by your own weakness.

WOW have you never heard of the ancient times rumour
If they move temple and the had a dream of crocodiles wrapped in tissue it ment that they would die by a vioious reptile attack when a sudden event is about of happen
That is really freaky because your big event coming up is your moving house really really FREAKY if you ask me

a thick skin, cold blooded, violent reptile wrapped up in soft paper.

not to sound like an a$$hole but i think its pretty explanatory.

I dreamt that too! My mother died the next day.

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