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When you go to heaven how will you communicate with other people there, do you think it will be like a dream?

or will you have normal bodies, with all senses intact, but not have any physical accidents?
How will you fill your time?
Will you retain your personality?
Will you go to sleep and have dreams in heaven?
Where will you live? do you have a house in heaven?
Will you have disagreements with others, or will you all agree with each other in heaven?
Will they have the death sentence in heaven?
Will you ever be sad in heaven?
If you're always happy, what would you be happy about?
Would you wear clothes in heaven?
Would you taste, smell, see, hear, feel anything in heaven?
So many questions, and more. The one thing I'm sure of is that I won't be there, or in hell, so I'd like to know.

We will have to learn to the local universe language. We will be in many schools, and with our families and friends. Yes, we will have our own personalities. Yes, sleep will be needful and so will dream time. We will live in dwellings in one of Our Father's many mansion worlds. No death sentences...but some may eventually choose to cease to exist. Yes, because we will have news from our native planet (and others) and that doesn't always mean happy news. You won't always be happy, but you will learn more and more patience, tolerance, contentment, wisdom and ways to deal the manifold doings of the universe. Yes, you will have even more senses than you have now. There will be more elements, more colors, more truth, more goodness and more beauty.

OUR RESURRECTED BODIES WILL BE LIKE HIS ..he could appear at will , go through walls ,doors,...our bodies will be as they were originally meant to be no defects and we wont have to ever buy another expensive jar of wrinkle cream again,we wont have to eat but can if we want to we will be free from all addictive tendencies
all you have to do is except the gift of salvation which he all ready bought for you just accept Jesus as all the Bible says he is and admit you've sinned and be sorry ,ask him to forgive and he will =all the wonders of eternity will be yours

Well it sounds like you don't believe in God, you should find him, it's like you feel whole when you do, and for anothher no one know's what Heaven is going to be like, because no human has been there, when they are alive. Read Revelations it explains alot about Heaven.

We have to take our references from when Jesus appeared to his Apostles in the upper room with his glorified body---he ate some fish it said and he talked openly with them so it is much more than just a dream-state type of thing

How the Hell should I know what Heaven is like..All I would have is guesses.

Like a dream where you wake up screaming!

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