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Why and what does it mean when i have a dream about killing a special kid with a crowbar?

I'm so sorry you had such a distressing dream. It may help you to know what my psychiatrist told me: every part of your dream is you, not just the "you" in the dream. So, the special kid is you, even if you recognize the kid as someone in your life. In your dream, the kid represents something about you that you're trying to work out via the dream. The crowbar is also you! So is anything else you can remember.

I know it's hard to get your head around this. A figure of 'you' is killing a figure of a "special kid" that is also you and "you're" killing yourself with yourself as a weapon. You're killing yourself with yourself. Does that make any sense to you? As one who can't express anger so turns it inward against myself, I can understand it.

Crowbars are jealousy so perhaps you are trying to eliminate the immature jealous side of your nature

You yourself are afraid that you may not be normal, or "special" yourself. You need to have more patience with yourself for your schoolwork. If it hasn't been very good lately, put in the time and effort needed.

you don't like defects about your self , but you also feel inadequate in some areas of your life, maybe in the relationships area?

It means you hate your parents

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