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Wondering what this dream could possibly mean?

It started off by me being woken up by someone taking a shower, and then going in my room. I thought maybe it was my mom, so I got up, in my PJ’s and all. It turned out to be Jeff (A guy I‘ve liked for three years), standing in front of my dresser brushing his wet hair. At first, I was like, “Holy crap, what is he doing in my room?” but then I mellowed out because apparently this wasn’t the first time he had been over.

“Hey Tiff,” he says.

“Hello,” I say, not even worried my hair was a mess. I was so comfortable as I stood there next to him. It was eerie.

And at that point, my fish tank begins to leak for some reason and the water is just slowly seeping out of it. And then Jeff finds the source of it, and makes the water leak even more. But, I didn’t care for some reason after he did that. I just let it leak.

All I could think about was this school year and if we had a class together, it won’t be awkward, so I was really obnoxiously happy.

Then he goes out to my living room, and then to the kitchen to grab some coffee. My dad comes in the house and greets him, and they chat. I can’t remember now what they were talking about, but it had something to do with a joke.

Then Jeff says while laughing, “Okay, Mr. Don.” And walks out the door.

Right when he walks out the door, I race to my dad and say, “That’s Jeff!” because I apparently talked about him a lot and was excited my dad actually saw him. But then all these questions flowed through my head about why he is here in the first place and how my dad knew him.

My dad nods his head and smiles. Then he walks in the kitchen and I follow.
“Why does he keep coming over here? Is it because his shower is broken?”
And then my dad says something startling.

“No. When I was working in North Carolina, he was arrested in front of me at a Wal-Mart and I bailed him out jail. I felt sorry for him. He told me he lived here in Florida, so when it was time to come back home, I brought him with me.”

I didn’t say anything, but looked at a box of Captain Crunch with weird cookie dough pieces added to it.

Then I say, “His dad works for a crane company.” I wonder where that came from . . . .

My dad then says, “Oh yeah, his parents are good friends with Tom (my grandma’s husband who owns a crane company as well) and Scott (my uncle) even worked for them from time to time.”

Then my dream ENDS, sadly enough.

What could it mean?

Weird dream. The dream sounds like even though you feel like Jeff is great and all, he might not be so great and there is probably a lot you don't know about him. Maybe you are worried what your father would think of him.

The fish always stands for sexual craving, To see a leaking tank, denotes loss in your affairs, usually significant of loss and vexations.

your happy and comfortable but yet your having second thoughts about who this guy is?

sounds like he is trouble notice how he made the fish tank leak even more..How he is so comfortable at using people and having people feel sorry for him..Your dream is showing you a sign..

'I didn’t say anything, but looked at a box of Captain Crunch with weird cookie dough pieces added to it.'

something you feel just isn't right but yet he is very likeable..don't just follow your heart , you also have to follow your mind..you need both to make the right decision..

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