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Would you choose your religion over your career?

A talented young Muslim boxer from the UK was recently banned from the sport he loves and dreams of pursuing... because of his beard.
25-year-old Mohammed Patel grows his beard as part of his faith but the 'experts' insist that he shaves it off for 'hygiene reasons', but Patel isn't convinced; he believes he is a victim of prejudice and religious discrimination. He was then presented with an ultimatum: Islam or a future career in the sport he loves. Patel chose Islam.
Would you choose your religion over your career, or your career over your religion? Why? How would it impact your life? What would those around you think of it?
Peace unto all and ps. I am not Muslim.

I was a correctional officer for 7 years. During my time as a correctional officer, I converted to Buddhism. During the course of practice, I came to discover that the violence inherent in the job that I did conflicted with my practice. Nothing in Buddhism specifically *said* that I had to give the job up, nor did my employer tell me I had to choose. I felt the conflict there, and I felt that continuing there would have been harmful to me and to others.

It would have been unrealistic for me to insist that the prison adjust its climate and environment to suit me. At that point, I did not want to go back to the violent and often angry mood that I had. So the simplest thing to do was switch jobs.

If the job has requirements that are at odds with one's religious requirements, such as the requirement to kill or harm others, or to be clean shaven, or what have you, then reasonable accomodation does not mean that the job accomodates all of your requirements even at the expense of getting the job done or to meet basic sanitation requirements or violating other policies and procedures that come with the job. Reasonable accomodation means that the employer accomodates you within the needs of the company and the company's policy's and procedures.

Yes, your beating up your victim for money. I personally feel Muhammad should quit boxing because why should you shave your beard for boxing pleasure. The beard not doing no harm. You cant fight with Nature. Its Allah creation on Man. When the Sahaba went to war with the enemy, the Prophet never told them to shave the beards. The Beard is for religious purpose.

Remember all Prophets had Beards. Your a man not a women.

I have the luxury (and a lot of hard work) to be on a career path that is compatible with my beliefs.

re. your story - shame on the officials for making such a ridiculous, and prejudicial, rule.

yes , Allah said " ... it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But God knoweth, and ye know not. " The Quran 2:216

Would you sell your soul for your career ?

i did when i refused to work in a bank

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