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Would you help me interpret this dream I had last night? I forced myself awake it was so frightening.?

Someone said I was to go to the 3rd floor of this house because SOMEBODY there kept calling for me but couldn't come down!
I followed up a bare set of stairs with no railings.I passed an empty warehouse kind of space with nothing in it, and continued climbing to the place I'd been told to go.
Upon arriving at this long empty room, I thought no one was there so I turned around to leave-when suddenly I heard these animal like sound-.gutteral, wild! I went forward and saw a large cage.In it I saw a young woman who seemed to be kept prisoner or hostage.She was just sitting, looking despondent against the wall.When I asked her if she needed help, If I could help her, she suddenly got up and lunged at me.I was so frightened I moved out of reach immediately-but she kept reaching for me with long-fingered nails through the cage's bars.I noticed then something monstrous: she was drooling, growling, her teeth huge and long-and she told me in desperation:"Free me,I'm a Goddess!Trust ME! I didn't!

I think your dream refers to your 3rd name, Odalesque.

Greetings, Maria, Woman of Destiny
and Loved by Our Father,

Thank you for writing to me and for adding further details.

What I believe is that names may have some power, especially those with significant associations attached to them. In the Bible, and cultures throughout history, a name had great significance, and was even changed to indicate a great achievement or signify growth or destiny.

I believe your two name, Maria, and Odalesque contain within them the two most possible destinies for any woman... the Virgin who who bears fruit and also becomes a beloved wife, and the virgin whose destiny is stolen and becomes a slave.

The Virgin Mary was chose because of her virtue to give birth to the Christ Child. She may have born shame for being pregnant and unmarried, but she was pure. She was blessed to be given a faithful and loving husband to support and hold her, and had more children and has received great honor.

The Odalesque begins also as a virgin. She is kidnapped, sold, or given into slavery to serve as a slave to harem women. Her only hope for "promotion" is to become a concubine to a man who feeds on lust and has many women at his beck and call. She never gets the respect, love or honor that should have been hers. Perhaps the Odalesque in the song your Mother sang to you chose perpetual virginity rather than to be robbed in this way. She never knew the love of a faithful spouse, but it was better to walk alone than to be a slave.

The woman in your dream is Odalesque. Because of her slavery, she seeks power however she can get it. She must not be "released" in her present condition. She must be redeemed, reclaimed. Her destiny and dowery must be reclaimed.

I think though you have perhaps loved this name, you may have also carried it as a burden. I grew up with a quite interesting name myself... Robyn Hood! (Hood is my family name.) Now, imagine the teasing that brought to me. As a child, I could not bear it. Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. I believe it is my destiny to take the riches of Heaven and share with those who are less able to reach them for themselves, and teach them HOW to reach God's riches for themselves! In that way, my name is redeemed. My second name is Lynne (like Linda). Robyn means Bright, and Lynne means Fair or Beautiful. So, together, that makes Fairelight, and I have taken that as my name when I share the riches of Heaven with others.

Perhaps within you there resides the possibility of being either a "Maria" or an "Odalesque". Odalesques REALLY were slaves/harem girls. That is where the word came from. But, they were women, like you and me, with hopes and dreams and gifts to give. It was not their choice to become slaves. They were given, as virgins, into a life that was not their choice. However, many of them learned to "get ahead" by using their beauty as a weapon and as currency to buy the position and comfort they needed.

Both Maria and Odalesque are handmaidens. Maria was the handmaiden of the Lord. Odalesque, the handmaiden of man, though some of them served in perpetual virginity. I know that Catholics teach Maria lived in perpetual virginity, but I cannot find proof of that in the Bible. Virginity is not a virtue in a married woman beyond her wedding night. Virginity is a virtue only in a single woman.

Pray and ask God to accept YOU, all aspects of you, as his handmaiden, and ask that He redeem any part of you that might tend toward slavery or lack virtue and let you be slave to NO MAN, but only to God. As a slave of God, you are free, because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He desires only what will allow you to live a fruitful life and walk in joy.

If God calls you to walk in perpetual solitude, pray that you do it with grace and virtue. But, more likely you are called to walk in fruitfulness, with the support of a good man by your side, a faithful spouse.

If you dream of Odalesque again, tell her it is not in your power to free her, but that if she is willing, the blood of Jesus heals her and makes her free. Even if you do not dream of her again, but feel there is truth in what I say, look in the mirror and speak to the Odalesque in you, and tell her by Jesus' blood she is freed, to walk, not as a slave, but as a free woman of virtue and honor.

I pray God's very best for you. May your life be a blessing to others, and may you walk in joy and freedom.

Fairelight Silverwings


I can help you if u tell me what her hair looked liked whar her face looked like, and what she was wearing

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